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The next generation of energy drinks

All about subyou X | part 1
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subyou X - the next generation of energy drinks!
Thank you for choosing subyou X as your preferred Energy Drink. There are endless reasons to work with subyou X:

The Price: The most important reason right now is the unbeatable price (Please order a price list). There is no Energy Drink in the world which can compete with subyou X.

If you choose to take subyou X on board you will wipe out all your competitors. Well you don't have any!

Economy: At the moment the economic downfall will work for us, people are hooked to Energy Drinks, but how things go, very soon they can't afford them anymore. For that reason they have to look for a more economic option, a much more economic option ... subyou X!
The Weight: - in one single tube you can carry the equivalent of 20 Energy drinks, subyou X is about 70 times lighter then a 330ml drink. It is not for nothing that several Mayor Airlines and Defence Forces appreciate this advantage already.

What do you think is cheaper - easier to distribute, 100.000 normal energy drinks (around 35.000 Kg's) or 100.000 subyou X Energy Drinks (around 500 Kg's). Well ask any Freight Company what the difference would be.
The same advantage - cost reduction applies with storage.

The Waste: Quiet simple, closed to nothing! 1 tube and not 20 cans or bottles and a box. Think Green, think subyou X, Mother Nature will thank you!
Just add 200ml of ice cold
water and you've got your

:Energy Drink!
subyou X - pure energy!
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